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Emrich Mussner

Nives Strasse 69
I-39048 Wolkenstein/Gröden

Tel.+Fax +39 0471 795594
Handy +39 334 7093426


Emrich Mussner

Master sculptor

Design and manufacture of hand-carved figures, reliefs, portraits, religious and secular art, items also made to order.

Born in Wolkenstein, Gröden, on 02/07/1946.

After studying at Wolkenstein art school for 3 years, I spent 3 years learning the craft from master sculptor Moroder Richard, brother of the famous composer and singer Giorgio Moroder, in “Scurcia”, the house of St. Ulrich.

Thereafter I was self-employed

My work has been exhibited in, amongst others, Stuttgart, Munich, Milan, and Bozen (South Tyrol) where I have also had the good fortune to be awarded various medals and honorary degrees.

I have already instructed 3 apprentices in the art of sculpting.

Many of my wood and bronze pieces have achieved great popularity throughout the whole of Europe.

The ideals I observe during my work in order to maintain a high standard are: design, painting, carving and nature.


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